How to use perfume

The folds in your elbow, wrist, neck and cleavage are the pulse points where liberal application of perfume is required. Rubbing together of wrists is not advisable as this crushes the smell. It is a good idea to spray some perfume into the air and walking straight into it to feel the fragrance.
Consider layering perfumes. Remember to use all the same fragrance in all the products being used. Begin with the shower gel. The body lotion must then be used followed by a matching after bath spray. Finally apply the scent preferably as perfume or Eau De Toilette ( EDT). Start at the feet and work u the body as the scent rises.
Choice of the perfume depends on the users’ choice and should not be on recommendation. It is best to test a perfume in our store and then wait for some time as some perfumes take a little more time to truly develop.
Sunlight and direct heat take away the fragrance fairly quickly. If the perfume looks darker and does not give a boost of great scent when sprayed, tells that it has gone off.
We have perfumes to suit your different moods and emotions. As a rule milder fragrance is recommended for day wear longer for an evening party.
A word of caution Do not overuse the perfume as it is not a room freshener!
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